Photo from Finance and Commerce Article abot Gilbert and Yaw Construction. (Taken by Bill Klotz)


Being a Minority Business Enterprise, YAW understands the need to ensure that on all our projects and partnerships, diversity is important to achieving true success and project completion. We have a commitment to a continuous effort in increasing minority participation on all our projects.

Our commitment to diversity goes beyond project goals. YAW has been involved annually in home makeover events organized by the National Association of Minority Contractors (Upper Midwest Chapter) that select s a home in the community in need of repair but without the resources to do the work.

At YAW, we are intent on creating opportunities for skilled, non-skilled and professional minorities, knowing that a diverse workforce is important and essential for true success.



At Yaw Construction our goal is to ensure excellent project delivery by following the fundamentals. We do this by ensuring on preconstruction planning, properly written contracts and project budgets.

Our involvement with the project is to ensure the owner's needs are met using our expertise in the industry and by operating in transparent environment to build a long lasting and enduring relationship.



The vision of Yaw Construction is to build a world class corporation that delivers the dreams of our clients whiles exhibiting true diversity in our corporate culture.


Corporate Values

Honesty & Integrity Mutual Respect & Cultural Diversity Teamwork & Cooperation Innovation & Communication.